100% Islay Kilchoman 5th Release

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On the Monday we released the 5th May 4th Editon of our 100% Islay range. The 5th Edition release is a bezel or ex bourbon barrels filled in 2009 and 2010. First released in 2010, the 100% range is only lightly peated Islay Compared to the Machir Bay and Loch Gorm.

Anthony, Kilchoman Founder; "There is a clear difference between the 100% Islay range and other releases, the lighter peating level and maturing Exclusively in ex-bourbon barrels gives the whiskey a beautiful fragrance and balance '

'When we first set out to build Kilchoman the ambition was to produce a single malt from barley grown on the farm distillery to give full control and traceability, we ook wanted to echo how whiskey was once made on Islay and across Scotland. We are incredibly proud to continuous thesis traditional practices. "

"We expect That followers of Kilchoman will enjoy this latest edition of the 100% Islay, the added time maturing Compared to previous releases HAS've given the whiskey added depth and balance, we expect it to be a hit '

We hope you all enjoy the latest edition, we look forward to hearing your feedback when, we see you!


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