Benriach 12 Years Old Sherry Wood

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COLOR: Copper Red
NOSE: Young wood and candied fruit, with a clear tone of tangerine peel and fresh herbs.
TASTE: Slightly irritating, sherry tone and coconut, delicious sweets, solid vanilla.
FINISH: Very soft, with a long fruit tone, with a swelling of wood.


Nicolaj Steensen posted on 13 october 2015 at 15:00

Sherry and muscovado sugar, cherries and generally quite fruity. I get a bit of orange marmelade and tea, and this is nose is quite sweet. Too sweet for me ...

Sherry, caramel and bitter chocolate. Quite a lot of liquorice and the bitterness of citrus fruits mingling with all the sweetness. Creamy grass and leather(what the hell is "creamy grass"!).


Coffee, sweet cherry sauce and dark chocolate. A nice semi long finish and quite enjoyable.


"Tasty simplicity," are the first words I think of. Definately not the worst BenRiach out there, but it's also far from the best ones. Nice and mellow and easy to drink, but also a little dull and simple. The price is nice, though!

Magnus Hillman posted on 24 september 2015 at 20:53

Mixed spices, raisins, dates and prunes as expected from a sherry cask matured whisky. One of few times where I have notices sulfur in a whisky (burnt match) although it is far far back and not something that I recognize as bad at all. There is also some candied almonds on the nose.

The arrival is warm with spicy oak, the spices manifest as cinnamon and nutmeg during the development, raisin and prunes are there, bitter almond or marzipan as well.

The finish is warm with nutmeg and black pepper, some bitter dark honey, cough drops and again marzipan.

A good dram that can take plenty with water. If you enjoy your sherry matured Glendronach this is definitely something for you as well. And under 50€ is so affordable.

(Rating interval 82-86)

Kay Meertens posted on 19 september 2015 at 23:15

Vanilla, apple, cinnamon, bramble, marshmallow, plum, mocha and mint.

Vanilla, marshmallow, apple, plum, nutmeg, fig and pastry.

Vanilla, eucalyptus, pastry, hazelnut, mint and blueberry.

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