Benriach 17 Years Old Solstice 6 CL

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Appearance: Impressive set of colors with distinctive character and elegant brass buckle.
Nose: Fabulous aromas of sun-drenched tones of fruits such as strawberries, black and red currants. The whole berries is smooth balances therethrough a big hint of delicate smokiness.
Taste palette: First taste buds will recognize the dry roasted nuts which turns into an intense peaty / smoky smoothness. Further flavor compounds that these elegant whiskey possession of raisins and candied fruit. A bright and seductive whiskey with a dominating smokiness, smooth with a long finish.
Conclusion: A unique blend of fruit and smokiness that have stepped on a classic way and utter perfection in balance married.


Kay Meertens posted on 15 october 2015 at 13:07

Cherry, plum, pear and raisin. Chocolate-like peat and a slightly sulphuric type of spiciness. Salty anti-fly spray and perhaps some iodine.

More peat, more pepper. Bramble, cherry and dark chocolate.

Peat, dark chocolate, bramble and pear.

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