Cadenhead Small Batch Glendullan 18 Years Old 55,6%

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0.70 ltr 55.6%

Dstilled: 1996
Bottled: 2015
Bourbon Hogs Heads
456 Bottles


Paul Bimler posted on 2 october 2015 at 16:54

This is a connoiseur's whisky. On the first few tastes the flavours can seem a little disparate... granted it's a rich nose, but the palate is beyond even that. This whisky is a monster, and it takes a few tastes to get a handle on. Once you are used to the level of richness you can start to discern the layers. A buttery saltiness is on top, underscored by those bourbon casks. A little water reveals a lovely burnt oak texture, hints of smoke and aromas of chestnuts and hazelnuts. Keep drinking and it starts to hammer your taste buds and become completely addictive like a Glenfarclas 105 or an Eradrour. I'm sure other whisky nuts will agree, those drams are big favourites of highland whisky drinkers. Those have been my flavours of choice lately, and this luscious little beast is in the same category, with just a touch more class. As Austin would say, oh behave baby. XXX PBimler

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