Elements Of Islay Peat

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citrusy and clean, with straightforward peat, as expected. There are plenty of ashy notes, minerals and hay, but They wrapped in a bright, slightly scented layer of grapefruit, pear and floral / heathery notes. Hints or oysters. A little vanilla and malty sweetness as well. Water makes it slightly less fresh, I prefer it neat.

really hot, much more powerful than the nose Suggested (Although the ABV already hinted otherwise). Quite raw and grassy, with lots of peppery notes and hints of sweet liquorice. Water works better on the palate: it stays fresh and citrusy, with more spices, a leathery touch and fruity notes.
long, peaty, slightly more medicinal. Fades on charred notes and a vanilla sweetness.

A nice whiskey That delivers big peaty notes and lots of punch (even a bit too much, I think fiddling with water is necessary). Complexity is limited, but it shows nice citrus notes to balance the heat.


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