Erdinger Weissbier - 50 CL

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5.3% 50cl

The largest export brewery in Bavaria is of course a wheat beer brewery. Erding, a lovely town in Bavaria, but has nice gemazzeld the brewery located within its gates. It will hang there, but it is probably the biggest wheat beer brewery in the world. & Lt; br & gt; There will be eight different species from the vats and boilers, all wheat beers, which Hefe Weissbier takes the largest lake on its behalf. & Lt; br & gt; The brewery is still a little young, it dates from 1886, but certain mature! That is a bumpy and the necessary growing pains, but has led to a brewery that brews sometimes 800,000 liters of beer per day. & Lt; br & gt; For comparison: in 1935 they brewed 250,000 liters - in the whole year! This year more than 180 million liters under the flag of Erdinger momentum and through the computer-controlled warehouse comes to us. & Lt; br & gt; & lt; br & gt; Do not forget at this beer is not that quite some yeast in the bottle and the enthusiast can pour so tasty that the this top finish. Precisely in this beer yeast gives it that little bit extra and I should like to recommend to you.


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