Fiorito Lemon Infused Rum

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Fiorito's roots lie in Sicily. During a family trip to the Dutch brothers Benno and Franco Fiorito got an original Italian Limoncello which was made according to a traditional family recipe. They were sold immediately. Limoncello turned handmade from organic lemons and therefore had a mild sweet flavor. Fiorito is still made exactly as this family recipe. The organic lemons are peeled still manually.

Following on from the huge success of Fiorito Limoncello brothers launch a new variant that is specially designed to mix. To know:

Fiorito Lemon Infused Rum

This premium rum Fiorito would particularly address the mixes back that has emerged in recent years. In close cooperation with bartenders is a special rum with an infusion of the best, hand-peeled organic lemons from Sicily. Fiorito Lemon Infused Rum is especially nice in the mix with ginger ale and of course as Cuba Libre, in the mix with cola.

Fiorito Lemon Infused Rum is a blend of several rums from different countries of the Caribbean: Guatemala, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Trididad & Tobago. The rum is a twist given by the infusion of lemons. By putting rum in the lemon peels are the essential oils and flavors of the peel in rum justified. This gives the gold, rum bearing a fresh tone and finish. The rum, like Fiorito Limoncello, packaged in a bottle bracket with luxurious look and taste different levels.

In 2007, the brothers Franco and Benno Fiorito introduced their limoncello, which was immediately awarded a silver medal. This quality limoncello hand peeled lemons in a stylish bottle, Fiorito made this beverage became popular. With this new rum Fiorito will respond to the new global trend: craftsmanship


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