Highland Park Saint Magnus 12 Years Old

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0.70 ltr. 55.00%

Saint Magnus
Released in September 2010, this bottling celebrates Saint Magnus, one of the six canonized Norsemen born in the 11th and 12th centuries when the Orkney Islands Belonged to Norway. He is described in Orkney Inga Saga shaft â € œA man of extraordinary distinction, tall, with a fine, intelligent look about him. He was a man of strict virtue, successful in war, wise, eloquent, generous and magnanimous, open-handed with money and with sound advice, and altogether the most popular or men.â €

Saint Magnus was a man of peace, contemplation and scholarly learning; spiritual intensity is more a feature of Magnusâ € ™ Saga than violence and cruelty. It is a life story of Christian devotion and forgiveness, qualities That Are Not usually associated with the Vikings, and includes the healing of the sick, crippled, blind and insane. Saint Magnus was murdered by his treacherous cousin Haakon and was canonized only 20 years later.

Bottled at a natural strength of 55% abv, this limited edition 12 year old is drawn from casks laid down in 1998 and earlier years. Only 11,994 bottles are available.

Tasting Notes
Appearance: Copper toned honey, clear and bright.
Nose: At natural strength there is terrific intensity with classic dried fruits and honey sweetness. There After glorious notes of cinnamon, dried apple and hints of exotic fruits emerge, followed by a whiff of aromatic smoke
Palate: Immediately intense and rich, the whiskey lingers on the palate Emphasizing the perfect balance between sweetness and aromatic smoke.
Finish: Long and gently smoky.


Kay Meertens posted on 18 september 2015 at 15:30

A clear sherry influence. Dark cherry, toffee, milk chocolate and lime. Clearly a sulphuric touch like liquorice as well, but in a positive sense actually. With water some peach and ash.

Cherry, toffee, dark chocolate, liquorice and peat. Water releases more of the peat.

Toffee, chocolate, liquorice, peat and cherry

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