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Johannes Lindblom posted on 2 october 2015 at 13:11

Nose: Lightly floral with bits of peat and smoke very deeply in the background. Citrus and especially barley comes through.

Taste: Sweet vanilla is the main character. Oak and barley in the back. Not as strong from the palate as Einar but stronger than Harald.

Finish: Strongly oaky, a bit floral and earthly. Spicy and lingering.

Balance: This differs quite a bit from it's brothers, though it has that similar HP deep smoke like Einar. Harald is the delicate one and Einar the strongest (of course, he's the feared viking). Svein is the runner up after Einar. Nice stuff.

Kay Meertens posted on 18 september 2015 at 15:34

Light and fruity. Wine gums, marshmallows, vanilla, citrus, pineapple, orange, apple compote, caramel, mint and a bit of ash.

Vanilla, caramel, shortbread, dates, pears and straw. In comparison to the fruity nose, the taste is a bit smokier, saltier, spicier and crustier. Nevertheless, it's still a very sweet whisky.

Wine gums, shortbread and charcoal.

I tasted this one head-to-head with the Einar. The Einar has a heavier / chewier character, but the Svein has a clearer Highland Park signature. I prefer both over the more expensive and rather disappointing Leif Eriksson.

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