Berry's Own Selection

Berry Bros.. & Rudd can trace its history back to 1698 when the widow Bourne her shop opposite St. James's Palace opened in London. Today it still runs the current generation Berry and Rudd family business from St. James's street number 3. For many hundreds of years makes Berry's wines and spirits to the royal families, politicians and the jet from London. Early this century began with Berry's her own label for the bottling of single malt whiskey. Berry's Own Selection was born and Douglas McIvor is the one that the vessels that were already owned or being purchased, select. Doug has many years experience in field of whiskey, including the progressive Milroy brothers who first single malt whiskey sold in London. Doug select with just balance between the character of the distillery and the character of the vessel in mind. The vessel should never be too overbearing. Between the BOS bottlings are also gems of good taste, balance and nuance. Often bottles Doug at 46%, for him the ideal strength of these whiskeys. The more pronounced copies are bottled at cask strength.

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