Jopen Malle Babbe - Jopen Brouwerij - 33 CL

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Jopen Malle Babbe is a dunkel weizen and therefore, like an ordinary weizen a fruity (banana) character with a spicy touch of cloves and bay leaf. The other lies have been used in the fact that there is some dark wheat malts that give more color, but also what a fuller light caramel-like flavor. The whirlpool Spahir hop addition of hops gives the beer an extra fruity taste. Saphir is a German hop with some American citrus character. There are light similarities with the Fokker Beer 2011, but this really is a very different dunkel weizen.

Malle Babbe you know from the hit Rob de Nijs. Or the painting by Frans Hals. Or both, of course. But who was that woman? Floris Mulder Dolhuys Museum in Haarlem discovered that her name was Barbara Claes.

Malle Babbe was mentally retarded and suffered from cretinism; a hereditary disorder of the thyroid gland. Therefore go wrong with the growth and also the intellectual capacity remain. That was seen in the seventeenth century as 'crazy'; hence: silly. Babbe is again a corruption of Malle Barber; Barbara crazy.

Frans Hals portrayed her and the painting now hangs in the Berlin Gemäldegalerie. Rob de Nijs scored a hit with Malle Babbe. The song was written by Lennaert Nijgh. The text: "Nice piece, silly girl, nice animal fun" Babbe put down as a prostitute. Mulder has no evidence for that, "Well, it may be that they might occasionally strange behavior exhibited thereby instance lifted her skirts. That was at the time considered very immoral. "


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