Jura Vintage 1984

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44% 0.70 ltr

Rare and richly aromatic with hints or mulled wine, ginger and banana cake.
Thirty years in the making, this exquisite limited edition single malt is all about taking things slow, aged in American white oak, Amoroso and Apostoles Oloroso sherry butts casks. Some say patience is rewarded hints of honey and vanilla, while others enjoy ripe pineapple, bitter chocolate and morello cherries - after all, who says there's only one version of the truth?

Every good malt whiskey Has A story to tell - even if some are just a little more well-known than others. Intense and completely uncensored, the Jura 1984 Vintage pays homage to the history between the island of Jura and notes most distinguished guest, George Orwell, who wrote dystopian classic Nineteen Eighty-Four, right here on Jura. Individually numbered and with only 1,984 bottles of this uncompromising edition ever made, we like to think we've added our own revolutionary chapter to the tale. Well, as long as Big Brother does not get hold of them ...


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