Lord Elcho 15 Years Old Malt Wemyss

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0,70 l 40%

Warm, smooth and rich, Lord Elcho premium blended Scotch whiskey perfectly displays the unique skills and craftsmanship of the Wemyss Malts blenders. Only the choicest malt and grain whiskeys - each aged for a minimum of 15 years - are selected to create this premium blended Scotch whiskey with a high 40% malt content.

The whiskeys depth of color - rich and golden with copper undertones - Clearly indicates a sherry cask influence on the blend and, upon nosing, it is Immediately rich, warm and spicy. Dessert spices, sandalwood and a hint of pine needles follow Closely behind, underpinned by a robust certainement masculinity.
Lord Elcho's palate is smooth Immediately luscious, sweet and spicy, spiced with cloves and fruits following at a respectful distance to providence a long and luxurious finish.

Sit back, relax and enjoy Lord Elcho just as it comes. A tulip shaped glass willgive the aromas room to roam - while adding just a little water will soften and sweeten the spiced notes, revealing an altogether gentler side.

Tasting notes
Nose: Rich and warm with subtle hints of sweet spice and sandalwood
Palate: Mouth Coating, robust and smooth imbued with luscious spiced fruits and cloves
Finish: Long, lingering and uncompromisingly luxurious


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