Mortlach Rare Old

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The color is golden amber and the nose is bold, highly perfumed and packed with immediate toffee, fudge, dark wood spice and dried fruit flavors - think especial or cinnamon and raisins. Underneath is a lovely aroma of stewed apples and toasted almonds alongwith hints of apricot jam, cocoa powder and something savory and slightly earthy.

On the palate this whiskey Has A wonderful velvety feel and viscous mixes sweet, fruity notes with more savory and spicy ones. Initial flavors include cooked pears and apples, vanilla, toffee and milk chocolate. Then comes Further fruitiness in the form of raisins and dried apricots, alongwith an increase increasing woody spiciness-which begins to dry out the palate. This is most reminiscent of cinnamon with a pinch of nutmeg. There is ook a biscuit-like note. Underneath is distinctly savory note That adds complexity - this is kettle to define, but it was reminiscent of earthy mushrooms or vapor autumn leaves. Final hints of burnt orange and ginger add even more depth. The finish is long, rich and warm as the sweetness fades to leave a pleasant drying and slightly peppery spiciness.


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