Pauwel Kwak - 33 CL

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8.7% 33 cl

The brewery is standing firm since 1791 and has all the time in the family who remained began her seven generations of brewing tradition, and what a successful brewers have always been! Not only do they created great beers they have given us two of the most beautiful and distinctive beer glasses ever made ​​given. Of these two, the glass of the famous Pauwel Kwak - not the nicest. The story of Pauwel Kwak has often told but never boring. He was an innkeeper in Dendermonde, a shrewd man who always tried to make his customers feel at home. Then he thought of his daily passing patronage which the carriages taking a special glass, the coachman glass, that they did not have to leave their buck, something that their bosses also not allowed. The glass they could easily hang on their coach and even with their thick gloves they could hold it easily. Now glass can still be beautiful if what's inside is not too hachelen, the customer stays away anyway. About Beer Pauwels had only one thing to complain, so he was the storm at his tavern. Still, the beer with an alcohol content of 8% by volume and a deep amber color, very popular. It goes without saying that the glass bulb that is at the bottom and thus without the wooden holder can not just stand on the table, with it still helps. We have all seen someone the glass first got to drink and when reaching the ball almost the last gulp took too frivolous, the beer was all over him, and thereafter the clap on the shoulder and merriment showed widely blushing delight.


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