Reuz Stout - Reuz Brouwerij - 33 CL

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9.5% 33 cl

The ReuZ Stout is in type a Belgian Imperial Stout. A stout is often pitch black, imperial means it has many aclohol. The Imperial Stout was formerly in fact intended for the Russian tsar, was brewed in England and could be due to the high alcohol content the long journey through. Belgian is added because this stout is a combination of a stout with a Belgian Trappist. The beer has a very complex flavor with hints of coffee and licorice. It has beautiful dark firm foam and gives a warm alcohol feeling. The aftertaste is long, dry, bitter, malty and spicy. This beer you must have ever drunk. You will not suffer from the 9.5% alcohol.

The beer is in the region put on the market under the name Peer Paorel, named after the giant of Oisterwijk. In the name of the giant Oisterwijkse three essential characteristics of Oisterwijk meet. Peer refers to the St. Peter Tires Church, the mother church of Oisterwijk. Tourist Oisterwijk has since 1939 promoted as' Pearl of Brabant. This is reflected in 'Paorel' back. "Lord of Oosterwijck 'on' Peer Paorel 'to add the rich history of Oisterwijk emphasized. In 1212 the glory Oisterwijk got freedom rights. The site was so important that Den Bosch to the crown was stabbed. "


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