Oedipus Brewery

We are Oedipus, four friends who share pleasure and knowledge through bear. We spend more time together than with our moms. We started brewing Because we wanted to create something exciting, something tasty. We Discovered That bear is a product-which we can put our inspirations. Now that we have enough beer to quench our thirst, we share our beer with the world. Although most of the time we're not serious, we take very seriously brewing. Oedipus stands for quality, creativity, connecting, renewing and enjoyment.

Oedipus Vision

Quality comes first in everything we do. We aim for the creation of the best and most delicious beers. We develop recipes without restrictions or the status quo. We try to use the best ingredients, And When possible, we use biological, sustainable or organic ingredients. Beers Should be exciting and tasteful. Beer tastes best while enjoying it together. It's our goal to create an environment where people enjoy coming together and inspire eachother. We are bootable to brew an enjoyable beer for any person, for every moment. We want to have fun, with eachother and the people who enjoy our beer.

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