Reuz Brouwerij

We are now a brewery, or are we a brewing company? According to both of us. We look at this website to the brewing pictures, we see a modest test setup in a home brewery. Indeed. Since the delicious recipes are full of character developed yet actually traditional methods. Many test brews are savored in our tasting room by laymen and connoisseurs. Only after many adjustments prosecute these beers their way into commercial brewing kettles partners in the Dutch brewing world.

We should be our commercial beer brewing. Together with the brewmaster of the respective brewery The brewers of Giant Beers BV experiment with often unknown malts, hops and yeast strains. Surprising and unknown combinations of malt, hops and yeast characteristics approach the brewers. Therefore, the special beers from Giant Beers BV are always striking. Both commercial beers on this website, often available at better liquor store and specialized brewpubs, if the test brews. And these are only tests on location. So make an appointment.

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