White Klavervier Brewery

Today, the White Klavervier another brewery in the making and aims to contribute to the reconstruction of the Dutch beer culture and infrastructure. In addition, we are investigating the history of the Low Countries and its beer culture. We publish the results on this website under 'History' and our beer here refers to.
Our Blond Hoppenbier, Poorter and Calf beers are brewed by Peter van den Eijnden. A brewmaster with thorough training and extensive experience.

Special editions
In addition to these beers we make special editions such as Barrel-Aged Poorter. This beer is extra matured in oak whiskey barrels burned. In addition, we are planning a special hop harvest beer to meet with local fresh hops directly from the hop garden in the brew kettle.

Brewery in Zwolle
The possibility of a brewery and malting or specially-is currently being investigated.

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