Stoute Liefde - Brouwerij Liefde - 33 CL

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8.5% 33 cl

Bold love is the jet-black "Russian Imperial Stout" of 8.5% vol. alc. Chocolate demo uten give coffee-like roasted flavor to taste first is. The yeast used then makes him velvet (dangerous) in soft aftertaste. Then test you stand the laurel-like licorice flavor. A very complex beer that surely will develop differently over the years. Keep this beer safely for years, if you succeed:-)
This beer is directly drinkable.

The Bold Love has won a gold medal at the Dublin Beer Cup 2014.

Technical data: EBU 65 Ingredients: Pale alemout, chocolate malt, roasted barley, cara hell malt cara120 malt, brown sugar, Galena bittering and Willamette & Goldings aroma hops, liquid yeast. Bottled 5 years for tht date on the cap.


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