Texels Tripel - Texel Brewery - 30 CL

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8.5% 30 CL

Texels Tripel is the heaviest blonde specialty of Texel. It is brewed in the tradition of the abbey beers. A real powerhouse. With a sophisticated bitterness is this exceptional beer is one of the pleasures of life for the true beer lover.

The beers are brewed Texel only natural raw materials such as pure water, dunes, Texel barley, hops and yeast's own Texel yeast strain. They are therefore recognized as "Really Texel product.

Texels Tripel is a full and powerful specialty beer with a hint of sweetness and a distinctive hop bitterness in the aftertaste.

Texels Tripel is brewed according to traditions which date from the Middle Ages. Due to the larger amount of barley needed to brew a 'triple' it was a beer that only the nobility could afford. The less well-off citizens drank 'Double' and for the lowest class was 'Only'. A beer is no longer brewed.

In the Golden Age of the Netherlands experienced a period of great prosperity. The ships of the VOC layers for Texel Roads waiting for favorable winds to sail out to the East. Trade flourished and luxury of Tripel was reserved for a larger audience. And so it could be that Adriaansz Michiel de Ruyter already on the Texel Roads - the present Old Child - enjoyed a Tripel.


Dune Water, malted barley, hops, yeast.


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