The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve Liter

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The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve May be our newest expression, but it HAS BEEN almost 200 years in the making. We see it as a fitting tribute to the original vision of our pioneering founder, George Smith. It captures the distinct, smooth and fruity Taste That he first envisioned in 1824, and for All which we are still renowned today. And Because We Remain as dedicated to innovation as our founder ever had, we've've given this classic single malt a contemporary twist.

To truly capture the essence of George Smith's vision, The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve HAS BEEN created using the time-honored methods That distillation huh Introduced so long ago. Made with water from the same crystal-clear mountain streams, in the same cold, pure airs or Glenlivet, The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve is as smooth and fruity as the whiskey That first ran from the original copper pot stills back in 1824. These unique, lantern-shaped copper stills designed by the man himself, are not the only Important tools in our distilling legacy.

The traditional oak casks in-which we mature the whiskey give each expression Their own distinct characteristics. When George Smith Began distilling, The Glenlivet had no age statements and he was bootable to select whiskey from casks of a range of ages. We have replicated this freedom with The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve, selecting from a variety of traditional whiskey aged oak casks. Then, to lend a modern twist to the flavor of the expression, Master Distiller Alan Winchester HAS married together a selection of the aged oak casks and American first-fill oak casks. First-fill casks Are Those thathave never before leg used to mature whiskey. In the process of making The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve, selective use of These casks Provides a smooth, creamy sweetness That mingles harmoniously with the delicate flavors and complex fruity tones already present in the whiskey. The freedom to use a variety of casks biedt Alan with inspiration for that special flavor: "It gives us the liberty to pick the flanks That taste the best. I'm sure George would have been impressed by the choice we have today, and would have enjoyed selecting from so many casks, I know we do. We've tried to stay true to his original vision to create the definitive Smooth Speyside malt, where quality is paramount. " The result is an exceptionally well-balanced and smooth single malt. To the nose there are delicate aromas of citrus fruits, and the palate is sweet, with notes of oranges and pears, and hints of toffee apples and candy. The long, creamy, smooth finish makes this a deliciously satisfying dram.

It was our founder's spirit of innovation That established The Glenlivet as an incomparable single malt from day one. So we're proud to say That our new expression HAS taken an awfully long time to get here, dating right back to George Smith, the original man who started it all.


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