Wagging Finger Exercise Gin V1.0

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0.70 ltr. 44%

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Traditionally progressive is how Wagging Finger Gin presents itself. Honest and good quality products that appeal to consumers. At once progressive ... surprising innovations and leaning on a large community that Wagging Finger again provide feedback and ideas. Wagging Finger raises her finger against the big marketing machines that make us believe anything they want. Under the motto '' Reclaiming our Heritage '' is made a stand against the many foreign gin's because the base still lies with our own "gin". Gin is like many know fact a corruption of the Dutch Genever.

The first product that Wagging Finger Gin in the market has its own gin called Wagging Finger Exercise V 1.0. This gin is not coming into the hype of excessive citrus, too sweet or 40 different exotic botanicals. Gin is a product that relies on Juniper. It is even specified where mostly gin should taste like ... Juniper !! There is therefore looking for a classic profile that is timeless. That quest is not over. This is but the first release. Exercise V2.0 will be just slightly different during the search for the perfect gin.

Exercise V1.0 has nice light citrus touches in the nose. Beautiful notes of coriander and orange peel with behind quickly the influence of juniper. Taste come pine needles, spicy hot cinnamon and cardamom forward.

As the distiller Erik Miller wanted the aftertaste is slightly bitter and drying which he remains faithful to the classic taste profile desired by him. The gin is bottled at 44% and there was no cold filtration is used. This keeps all the flavor and texture. Pure or in the tonic is the Wagging Finger Exercise 1.0 fantastic.

Website: www.waggingfinger.com


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