Benriach Horizons 12 Years Old

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Kleur: Helder, limoenachtig goud
Geur: Geroosterde anmandelen met paranoten. Gevolgd door geuren van geboterde scones en geslagen room en zoete heidehoning.
Smaak: Levendig en heerlijk fris. Enorme nootachtige kenmerken vanaf het begin van pnda's, paranoten en hazelnoten. Evenwichtige balans tussen zoetachtig eikenhout en honing.
Afdronk: Vol en krachtig met een lange dynamische finale.


Magnus Hillman geplaatst op 24 september 2015 at 21:01

Vinous, peat smoke, salt licorice, bitter chocolate and mint, kind of After eights', but also typical bandaid notes appear.

A strong peat smoke completely dominates the arrival. After it calms down, sour fruit, sour plum and red currants develops on the palate, still very interactive with the peat and I am impressed with the balance.

Long and lingering finish, again peat smoke of course band aid and hints of licorice.

I tasted this blind and thought it could be either Kilchoman Port wood or Longrow Red 11 yo Port, I have tasted neither one of these two. However, it felt a bit too matured to be a Kilchoman but sometimes the youth is very well hidden behind the peat. Anyway, quite surprised it was a BenRiach but I shouldn't be. They make excellent peated whiskies. If you like peated whisky but would like to try something not Islay, this is something for you.

(Rating interval 85-88p)

Magnus Hillman geplaatst op 24 september 2015 at 20:57

Sweet honey and vanilla. Golden delicious apples and barely spirit. Some light fresh floral notes as well.

Again vanilla, sweet custard, honey and fresh fruit. It has a quite light texture. Some green fruity notes as well.

The finish is short in length with vanilla ice cream and oaky pepper.

It's not an obvious malt whisky, if tasted blind it might as well been either a good scotch blend or an Irish whisky. It's a competent whisky but not fabulous. I expected more I guess. But if you prefer smooth Irish whiskies or other triple distilled, like Auchentoshan or Hazelburn you will probably enjoy this one.

(Rating interval 81-85)

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