India Wheat Cider - 't Uiltje Brouwerij - 33 CL

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India Wheat Cider - 't Uiltje Brouwerij - 33 CL Lees meer..

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33 cl 6,5%

The perfect worlds first blend between a white IPA and a tart en slight funky cider.
This collaborative blend between our hoppy wheat and a cider from the Dutch Beer Cider is a perfect fit.
6,5% refreshing beer, or do we call it cider?… It is tasteful! we’ve put copious amounts of mosaic hops in this blend to give its IPA feel to it.
Maybe not the time of year, but f*ck that, doesn’t always have to be heavy and strong during the winter months (we think the perfect drink in between and as a pallet rinser!).


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