Kilchoman for Whisky Import Nederland Cask 378/2009

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0,70 ltr 59,2%

PX Finish Cask no. 378/2009

Distilled: 05/08/2009
Bottled: 20/10/2014
248 Bottles


Kay Meertens geplaatst op 19 september 2015 at 17:48

Vegetal peat, orange and toasted (slightly burnt) brown bread. A salty vegetable quiche, definitely containing celery and nutmeg. Slightly rusty and also something farmy, like cow pat. After a while some 7up-style lime.
Peat, orange, radish, pepper and straw. Aachener Printen in dark chocolate. A very little bit of marshmallow. With water even more radish, that's a pretty peculiar note in there.
Peat, salty soy sauce, nutmeg, radish, orange, vegetable soup and a little cranberry.

A very mediocre whisky. I'm clueless as to why anyone would be willing to pay so much money for this.

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