Macallan 12 Years Old Sherry Oak

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0,70ltr. 40,00%

Sherry Cask Matured


Matt geplaatst op 26 november 2015 at 13:18

A great whisky, but not sure it's quite worth the price now. So 4 stars instead of 5.

Santeri Heikkola geplaatst op 13 oktober 2015 at 16:53

Toffee, raisin, perhaps a hint of banana. Sherry all over. A wonderful easy to drink whisky. As a reference to Amber and 12yo Fine Oak, 40% ABV european version Sherry Oak gives an extra punch and darker color. Every whisky enthusiast should have one on the shelf.

Kay Meertens geplaatst op 18 september 2015 at 14:44

Raisin, toffee, cranberry and dark chocolate. Smells chewy.

Toffee, raisin, goji berry, dark chocolate, orange, some spice and a light maltiness.

Raisin, toffee, goji berry and dark chocolate.

After having tasted the 12 YO Triple Cask and 15 YO Triple Cask, this one is really a pleasant surprise. I don't regard 'modern' Macallan very highly, but this one is an exception.

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