Mackmyra Moments Delagare 2012

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Our ninth release in the Moment series is dedicated to all who own a part of Mackmyra, whether it be in the form of private casks or stocks.

Delägare is a soft and chewy Swedish malt that gets its character from our elegant recipe stored in 100-liter casks of ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, new American oak, new Swedish oak and bourbon saturated with cloudberry wine. To reinforce cloudberry the character we have also spiced the whisky with small casks of 30 liters saturated with cloudberry wine. The result is a berry, slightly spicy and fruity Swedish malt whisky to be enjoyed at any time, such as with the coffee or after a good meal.

Fruity and candy like, with pear caramel, tart candies, citrus and cloudberry tones. Slightly oaky with toasted casks, vanilla, fresh pepper and slightly grassy herbs. Nutty with almonds and marzipan.

Berry, slightly fruity and softly spicy with dried fruit, citrus, cloudberry and butterscotch. The aftertaste is softly oaky, fruity and with intense cloudberry buoyancy.

Golden yellow with hints of amber. No food coloring has been used.



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