Smokehead Extra Black 18 Years Old

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Nicolaj Steensen geplaatst op 13 oktober 2015 at 15:16

Sniff deeeeeeep! Citrus, sherry and ripe bananas. The peat smoke arises from the depths, and brings with it salt, light pepper, sweet medicin and eventually chocolate. The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Lovely!

Tingling and sweet, almost effervescent, and the smoke the whisky derives its name from is playing a lead role, without overpowering the festival of loveliness that is this dram. Sweet bananas, dark chocolate, a bit of caramel sweetness and medicin cabinet. I find it quite extraordinary.

Grapefruit, earth and dandylion juice(but in a good way!). A wonderful bit of smoky bitternes lingers in your mouth for a long time, and leaves you wanting more. In a 1-100 contest, I would probably rate this to 89-90 points. It's VERY good!
(I've heard different things from different people, but my guess is that we're a drinking Laphroaig here. Could also be Ardbeg, but I seriously doubt it)

Johannes Lindblom geplaatst op 2 oktober 2015 at 13:17

Nose: At first, like a great smoke sauna because of the strong 'burnt wood indoors' sensation. Tarry with hints of honey and citrus starting to raise their heads as the smoke fades away.

Taste: Smoke is there but it's not as intense as in the nose. Peat is strong and sweet. Bit spicy as well with the citrus feel still there. There's something tropical in the taste. After water added it gets even sweeter and starts getting some earthly tones as well.

Finish: Sweetness disappears, spices clash with oak. Two drops of water made it bitter.

Balance: Good dram! I'd prefer it to be smokier but then again, it might loose some of it's richness(?). And I know, it still is smoky.

Kay Meertens geplaatst op 19 september 2015 at 22:02

Apple compote, apricot, lime, peat, milk chocolate, red berries and a bit of dust. Not really as smoky as the name suggest.

Peat, sea salt, dark chocolate, caramel, apple and a little spice.

Peat, apple, chocolate, smoked ham and caramel.

Less smoky than the standard Smokehead.

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