Springbank 13 Years Old Green

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0,70 ltr 46%

The name Green was chosen as the whisky was made with organic barley. 

Nose - This whisky has a real Springbank nose, earthy, peat with a salty coastal influence.
Palate - The palate is fruity; Apricots and peaches are accompanied by buttery, creamy nutty shortbread. This is a lip licking whisky, oily and chewy.

Finish - The finish is long, smooth and complex with a lingering sweetness and saltiness.


Kay Meertens geplaatst op 30 maart 2016 at 16:57

Papaya, pepper, peat, dried apricot and oak. With water smoother with somewhat creamy peach.

Papaya, dried apricot, pepper, peat and milk chocolate. Waters adds some smooth peach, but it's quickly too much.

Papaya, peat, caramel, pepper, chocolate and peach.

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