Amrut Fusion

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50% 0,70 ltr

Indian and Scottish Barleys

Fusion, gefuseerde gerst!

Gemoute gerst van de voet van de Himalaya, gemengd met gemoute gerst uit Schotland

Het resultaat is een prachtige volle whisky


Kay Meertens geplaatst op 25 september 2015 at 10:56

Fig, sweet & sour sauce, a dark kind of malt, pepper, curry, vanilla, caramel and tangerine.

Pepper, fig, caramel, apple, curry, vanilla, malt and smoke. With water it starts tasting like a cheap fig liquor, so better to keep it at bottle strength.

Caramel, pepper, apple, vanilla, curry and smoke.

Notes from batch 24. For my notes of older batches, see Whiskybase.

Magnus Hillman geplaatst op 24 september 2015 at 17:04

Spicy chocolate, dry wood, mixed spices, slightly coffee and some bread. After water more herbs appear, I am thinking cumin.

Powerful and intense arrival with some warm smoke and a waxy texture that goes into the development with spicy chocolate, chili pepper, dates, raisins and licorice. Water brings down the intensity of the arrival but the flavor profile stays intact.

The finish is warm and spicy, soft peat smoke, mixed spice and citrus. Water brings black pepper and lemon zest.

tasted it blind, really difficult to put my finger on what distillery but was stuck in Scotland. My first thoughts were Benromach 10 CS but does not contains the same rubbery Mezcal notes as the fantastic Benromach. This was much sweeter, probably PX-casks. Maybe a singel cask Benriach? Nope an Amrut intermediate! Really good stuff!

(Rating interval 85-88p)

Magnus Hillman geplaatst op 24 september 2015 at 17:01

Barley sugar, vanilla, rubber, walnuts, white glue and raspberry soda.

Sweet oak, barley spirit, mild artificial banana flavor, some balanced smoke, gentle spices, mild black pepper in particular and cough drop (called bafucin in Sweden). Again barley spirit.

Sweet and warm but shorter than expected from the palate. Kind of finish as a blend for some reason. The banana flavored cough drop remains in the tail.

Not bad, not excellent. It's youth is prominent and it feels quite bright. Although a lot of flavors when looking for them they are not well integrated. However given time and some water it becomes interesting.

(rating interval 80-84)

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