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Chapter 7


Chapter 7™ is an independent bottler of Single Malt Scotch Whisky specialized in single cask limited editions. The Whisky Anthology offers an opportunity to experience the distinctiveness of each cask. Much of the final taste of whisky can come from both the type of oak used to make the cask and what that cask contained before whisky spirit was put in to it. In addition, the interaction of spirit and wood depends on a lot of factors like cask size, age of cask and different atmospheric factors such as average temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and type of warehouse. Two whiskies from the same batch can taste completely different because the wood crafts its magic over the years in a subtly distinctive way. Chapter 7™ editions are bottled at cask strength and are non-chill filtered to present all of the characteristics of the whisky untouched. We number our bottles by hand and offer you the possibility to chose your preferred number on our web-shop.

Depending on the cask type, each edition is limited to between 100 - 600 bottles. With such limited quantities, we would like to see that our whiskies are enjoyed by the exclusive few who visit selective outlets or the web looking for something unique and special

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Speyside Small Batch Chapter 7
Islands Blended Malt Small Batch Chapter 7
Peatside 6 Years Old 2009 Blended Malt Chapter 7
Glen Keith 17 Years Old 1997 Chapter 7

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