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Port Charlotte


Two miles south of Bruichladdich, hugging the shore of Loch Indaal, lies the village of Port Charlotte and ruins of Lochindaal Distillery, that ran spirit for 100 years between 1829 and 1929.

Following his visit here in 1885 Alfred Barnard wrote: "Peat only is used in drying the malt, fired in open chauffeurs", a testament supported in a few surviving faded photographs showing the huge peat stacks waiting to be fed to the kiln fires.

Our heavily peated Port Charlotte single malts are a tribute to the men who once worked this great, now silent, distillery and the skills and legacy they passed on.

Trickle distilled in our cathedral-like still house at Bruichladdich, the spirit is then matured in the original old stone warehouses in Port Charlotte. Living proof that peat can mean elegance.

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