Blair Athol 12 Years Old Flora & Fauna

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0,70ltr. 43,00%


Colour: amber. Nose: starts very nutty and caramelly, with a big maltiness and hints of liquorice, developing more on notes of sherry, Seville oranges and a little peat, leather and tobacco. Rather concentrated and oily on the nose, despite the slightly ‘blendish’ character. Pleasant for sure. Mouth: the attack is even more sherried, not exactly bold but certainly satisfying. Classic fruitcake, coffee-schnapps, liquorice and orange liqueur, with hints of cherry stem tea in the background and maybe just faint hints of rubber and walnuts. An assertive dram, half-sweet, half-dry. Finish: medium long, very balanced, with an added spiciness (spices for mulled wine, cloves, Chinese anise and cinnamon.) Comments: perfect balance and profile at 43%, excellent cask selection 


Koen Hillebrand geplaatst op 16 oktober 2015 at 20:13

Interessante botteling. Aanvankelijk veel bittere tonen, maar ook fruit. Druivenschil, kersen op siroop, walnoot. Een beetje vanille op de achtergrond. De sherryvaten domineren de vatting. Waar is het distillaat? Whisky voor sherryliefhebbers!

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