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Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold is said to have a sweet aroma of fruit, caramel, apricot and orange zest, and a taste of spice, gingerbread, malt loaf molasses and mint.

The cold weather conditions at Dalwhinnie, based in an eponymous Highland village in Cairngorm National Park, are thought to affect the taste profile of the whiskies it produces.

The colder the weather, the less contact the liquid has with copper when passing through the distillery’s traditional worm tubs, leading to a “sulphuric” flavour as a new make spirit and “honeyed” whisky after maturation.

“Distilled in the depths of winter at the highest distillery in the UK, Winter’s Gold honours the influence that the cold has on Dalwhinnie,” said Dalwhinnie distillery manager Bruce Mackenzie.”

“Our master blender, Dr Craig Wilson, only selects casks laid during Scottish winter months to create a golden, rich single malt whisky.”


meeuwsen geplaatst op 19 september 2015 at 21:22

Vloeibare kruidkoek, ik snap waarom ze op het foldertje zetten fles in de vriezer bewaren en drinken uit een tumbler. De kou vlakt de smaak af en met de tumbler kan je m vlot wegspoelen.

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