Glendronach 12 Years Old

€ 36,99 Incl. btw

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0,70ltr. 43,00%

Neus: Rijkelijk fruit, lichte hint van sherry, caramel, vanille Kleur: Medium goud
Smaak: Zacht en aangenaam met hints van fruit, appels, rozijnen
Finish: Medium, fruitig met hints van sherry, zacht met prachtige houttonen
Vaten: Bourbon en sherry 12 jaar


Hannu Kulju geplaatst op 30 september 2015 at 07:58

Haven't had a too wide experience about sherry cask whisky, this one was a very pleasant suprise. Nice mixed taste of sherry and fruit. A bargain at just over 30€.

Jacob geplaatst op 18 september 2015 at 13:50

Great whisky for the price! Very good for the autumn, and very sweet Sherry rich.
On the nose it's sweet, creamy, and reminds me of Kompot- rich tasting boiled fruit liquid.
The palate continues this trend, adding raisins and a pronounced oaky bitterness to it. Despite that, it is mostly a sweet taste, and with very little alcoholic burn, definitely well matured for it's age.
The finish is medium-long with an oaky, nutty bitterness.

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