Longrow Peated

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46% 0,70 ltr

Colour: Light amber with slight olive highlights.
Nose: Very creamy, vanilla custard. The smoke develops gradually, like a slow burning log fire, never overpowering but always reassuring. Our guest taster was reminded of marshmallows toasted on a campfire - crisp on the outside and sticky 
sweet in the middle! Palate: Incredibly well balanced - rich and creamy with a slight medicinal hint. The smoke is always present, washing over the palate in waves, like the soft billows of smoke from the kiln.
Finish: The gentle smoke lingers and lingers leaving you yearning for more!


Johannes Lindblom geplaatst op 5 oktober 2015 at 09:39

Nose: Sweet, leathery and a bit salty smoke that turns into powerful trails of ashes.

Taste: Light and tough. Starts lightly with fruity notes like green grapes. Then suddenly gives you a good deal of smoke but not in a harsh way.

Finish: Salty smoke lingers very well and the lightness withdraws.

Balance: Well balanced whisky that doesn't leave you cold but isn't too smoky either. I can honestly recommend this for everyone, even for hardcore smoke diggers.

Kay Meertens geplaatst op 18 september 2015 at 14:48

Lime, peat, mango and peach

Peat, lime, vanilla, milk chocolate and a creamy touch.

Peat, lime, malt, vanilla and chocolate.

Hard to tell apart from its predecessor the CV.

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