Knockando 21 Years Old Master Reserve

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Knockando distillery is located on the banks of the River Spey at the site Upper Knockando. The location of the Strathspey Railway railroad this area was an important location for distilleries. The railway was dismantled in the sixties and is now known as the Speyside Way walking route. The Knockandu name comes from the Gaelic and means "little black hill". Knockando is characterized by a soft, aromatic flavor with a hint of almonds, fruit, marzipan and sherry. A surprisingly rich and full of whiskey; ideal for relaxing and perfect after eating.
Knockando distillery was founded in 1898 and rebuilt in 1968 after thorough closures and takeovers. Knockando was brought mid seventies in the UK market and first performed in 1978. No artificial color added, Knockando Single Malt is a completely natural product. Knockando distillery was first connected to the mains. The warehouse has two wash and two spirit stills. Primarily used ex bourbon barrels and a small part sherry barrels for maturation. The water they drew from as early as the founding of the Caro Nach Spring and the cooling water from the river Spey. Unlike other Single Malts, the malt of Knockandu not bottled at a predetermined age, but only if it is found that the right degree of maturity is reached. On the bottle both the distillation date as the date of bottling.

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