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The Whisky Mercenary


It is the last time some serious afgebotteld in Belgium. The Nectar long time the only mention worthy name in the landscape, but in recent years there have been some bottlers added. I think in the first place Thosop, Asta Morris and The whiskey guy, but also smaller players like Lords of the Drams and now The Whisky Mercenary. The mercenary or mercenary in question Jürgen Vromans, for many years an established name in the Belgian whiskey world and run on just about any festival or whiskey tasting in the region. Bump
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The Nameless Two 8 years The Whisky Mercenary 6 CL
Venezuela Rum 13 Years Old 2004 The Rum Mercenary
Glenrothes 13 Years Old 2004 The Whisky Mercenary
The Nameless Two 8 years The Whisky Mercenary
Tennessee 13 Years Old 2003 The Whisky Mercenary
Highland Park 20 Years Old Whisky 1995 The Mercenary

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