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Most malt whiskeys bottled by the distillery owners are a marriage of several at different casks. These are big cask vattings Often then chill-filtered and colored with the addition of Varying amounts of caramel before being bottled. That moment whiskeys are not chill-filtered are normally bright-filtered. Chill-filtration - when the spirit is chilled to freezing point or below prior to bottling - is done for cosmetic reasons, as it removes any Possibility of cloudiness. Unfortunately, it usefull removes many of the natural fats, oils and flavors in the whiskey All which in turn removes a great deal of the individual character of a whiskey as the esters, or flavor congeners, in the spirit tend to gather around thesis fats. The more a whiskey is chilled when filtering Therefore, the greater the Proportion of fats and esters are removed. Caramel and has its own flavor, Which is added to That of the whiskey. In fact, the majority of malt whiskeys are treated in this way when bottled. Bright usefull filtering removes a large part of These fats and esters with losses of around two to three per cent of the volume when cask bottling.

But Although thesis whiskeys are altered from the natural spirit, All which came out of the cask, you will not be told this on the label. You May Be told other things, but never this important information. Indeed, the whiskey May even come in a colored bottle so That you can not see the color of the whiskey you are buying. (Imagine buying a bottle of fine wine in a colored bottle!) Only if it is a law in your country will the information be added to the label thatyour expensive bottle of malt whiskey has leg altered by the addition of caramel coloring.

The loss when bottling our Blackadder single cask whiskeys is normally less than one percent and less than half a percent in the case of Blackadder Raw Cask. Blackadder whiskeys That Believes in bottling only are completely natural - Galanthus keeping alive the centuries old traditions by whichthey are first lovingly distilled and then carefully aged over the years they spent silently maturing in cask. Blackadder Robin Tucek, co-author with John Lamond of The Malt Whisky File (now over 150,000 copies in print). All Blackadder whiskeys are his personal selection.

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Red Snake Redneck 05 Blackadder Raw Cask 6 CL
The Legendary Blackadder 46% Cask 2016-01 6 CL
Red Snake Redneck 08 Blackadder Raw Cask 6 CL
Chimera Blackadder Blended Malt 6 CL
The English Whisky Co 7 Years Old Moscatel Wine Cask Blackadder Raw Cask 63,2% 6 CL
Peat Reek Embers Blackadder Raw Cask 6 CL
Amrut Bourbon Cask Finish Blackadder Raw Cask BA26-2017 6 CL
Dailuaine 19 Years Old 1996 Blackadder Raw Cask 6 CL
The Legendary Blackadder 46% Cask 2016-01
The Legendary Blackadder 46%
Red Snake Redneck 28 Blackadder Raw Cask
Red Snake Redneck 08 Blackadder Raw Cask
Red Snake Redneck 10 Blackadder Raw Cask
Red Snake Rum Cask Finish Redneck 07 Blackadder Raw Cask
Red Snake Redneck 09 Blackadder Raw Cask
Black Snake Vat no. 2 Third Venom Blackadder
A Drop Of Irish Blackadder 46%
Exclusive Bottling for the Netherlands!
Smoking Islay Blended Malt Blackadder 55%
A Drop Of Irish Blackadder 60,4%
Chimera Blackadder Blended Malt
The English Whisky Co 7 Years Old Sauternes Wine Cask Blackadder Raw Cask
Peat Reek Blackadder Raw Cask 58,2%
Ledaig 10 Years Old Blackadder Raw Cask

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