Nikka from the Barrel

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51.4% 0.50 ltr

Straight from the barrel


Johannes Lindblom posted on 2 october 2015 at 12:31

Nose: Fresh with grape gin at the start. After that it's fruity sweet. Oranges in a juicy way and little bit of sherry feel.

Taste: Simple, yet good with cinnamon, dried fruits, raisins and little bit of peat.

Finish: Warming spices and fruits. Dry and oaky, some herbs and bitter green tea.

Balance: Consistent and juicy whisky.

Kay Meertens posted on 25 september 2015 at 09:58

First mainly very clean alcohol, like hair spray. It takes quite a long time before that becomes less dominant. Then new shoes, apple, caramel, vanilla, a whiff of smoke and some spice.

Caramel, smoke, pepper, new wood and vanilla. Better than the nose, but it does give an artificial impression.

Caramel, apple compote and smoke.

Batch 04J08A

Jonas Lisstorp posted on 18 september 2015 at 22:20

Nose - Sweet carmel, flowery, syrup, oak and malt
Taste - nutts, syrup, caramel, pepper, medicinal and oak
Finish - sweet with peppery elements.

This is a great blend with a Nice price!

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