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won the IWSC 2013 in London, the silver certificate. Jim Murray, this whiskey elected in 2010 to his Whisky of the Year in his famous Whisky Bible. He tastes a fantastic blend with an aroma of apple wood, something rokige peat aromas and a soft amount of oil. The flavor is mild and yet filling mouth. Then a mixture of smoke, comes as woody and earthy, followed by a light caramel flavor. There is not analyzable fruitiness felt while herbs twinkle on the tongue.


Johannes Lindblom posted on 2 october 2015 at 12:35

Nose: Truly fascinating – like the German smoky beer called Schlenkerla Rauchbier, Cold smoked mettwurst or ham. Sweetness and spices, cinnamon with spicy sherry and peat. Touch of malted dark bread.

Taste: Delicately warm and spicy. Soft oils and sweetness with wee dryness also. Ham/mettwurst, malted barley, ale and peat. Some fruits too, oranges being the main fruit. Strong, yet smooth.

Finish: Bit dry, like bitter ale with sweet caramel. Red grapefruits rise after some time in the glass.

Balance: Great smoky single malt from Switzerland!

Kay Meertens posted on 25 september 2015 at 09:34

Nutmeg, liquorice, orange, rusty iron, tar, smoked fish and fireworks. When breathing out somehow some whipped cream, no clue where that suddenly came from.

Liquorice, dark beer, iron, orange, nutmeg and cocoa.

A lot of smoked ham / sausage and nutmeg. Furthemore liquorice, iron, dark chocolate, orange and garden hose.

I kind of like the nose and the finish, but the taste (after all the most important part) is not that great. Fun to have tasted it with all those uncommon notes and not even a bad experiment, but I wouldn't buy a whole bottle of it.

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