Royal Brackla

Captain William Fraser founded the distillery at Cawdor in 1812 at the height of the illicit whisky domination. He complained “he was surrounded by people who drank nothing but whisky yet he could not sell 100 gallons in a year.”

In 1835 the “Royal” was added to distillery name of Brackla, having been given the royal warrant. Bestowed as a result of King William IV’s particular liking for the whisky, which was called ‘The King’s Own Whisky’. The distillery is one of only three ever entitled to the ‘Royal’ appellation.

Queen Victoria extended the royal warrant in 1838

During 1852 Robert Fraser takes control of the distillery

Brackla was used in the making of the very first blended whiskies, assembled from malts and grains, a process developed by Edinburgh merchant, Andrew Usher.

The distillery remained in the hands of the Fraser family until the end of the century.1898 when the Brackla Distillery Co Ltd was formed, gaining the lease and land for expansion from the Earl of Cawdor.

In 1919 John Mitchell and James Leith of Aberdeen acquired the company and in 1926 sold it to John Bisset & Co Ltd of Leith. Who where taken over by DCL in 1943

In 1966 the floor maltings were closed and a second pair of stills where added in 1970.

Component of Dewar’s White Label Blended Whisky.

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