Dewar Rattray

Founded by Andrew Dewar and William Rattray in 1868 AD Rattray began trading as an importer of French wines, Italian spirits and olive oil. More Importantly, However, the company established itself as a usefull specialist in the field of blending and storage of malt and grain whiskeys. In The Latter part of the 1800s AD Rattray Ltd came to represent a number of well-known Highland Malt distilleries - most notably Stronachie * - selling bulk whiskey to West of Scotland wine and spirit merchants, publicans and the main Scotch whiskey blending houses in and around Glasgow. Like many other merchants, AD Rattray Ltd Suffered during the crisis of the early 1900s and in the late 1920s the partners sold the business to William Walker. Well-established as a whiskey broker, Walker set about expanding the business with the acquisition of a number of smaller merchants. Despite rationing during the 2nd World War, the company continued to supply the West of Scotland licensed trade until Walker's death.

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