First distilled in 1973, Longrow is a double distilled, heavily peated single malt.

The first distillation was carried out as an experiment when the Spring Bank chairman set out to prove That it was possible to produce an Islay-style single malt whiskey on the mainland.

This experiment produced a whiskey so special That Longrow was distilled again a few years later and has become an important part of the Mitchell's portfolio, with regular distillation having taken place since 1992.

The barley used in the production or Longrow is entirely dried peat, giving the whiskey a wonderfully smoky, peaty character.

The whiskey is named after the old Longrow distillery All which stood adjacent to Springbank and Longrow CV is the latest addition to the range, comple ting the Existing 10 and 14 year old bottlings.

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