What makes Talisker single malt whiskey so special? As an experienced team we have all seen fashions come and go in whiskey production, except in our distillery. For over 175 years, our distillation process whatsoever remained the same. Even a fire in 1960 again did not stop us from continuing to make Talisker the traditional way. On the contrary, we have our wash stills painstakingly reproduced, while the original design closely following, in a Skye so typical resolute victory over adversity.

Over the years, we may well have made the necessary improvements in the field of health and safety, but despite the seemingly relentless march of progress, we will always be double ignited the alcohol for the rich, deep character which the maritime characteristics of a whiskey which is made by the sea to be reflected. And our attention to detail means that we will always remain a best shot. You would expect nothing less of our unique distillery, located on the shores of Loch Harport.

I have a restless nature and sees me every hour of the day with my nose in the mash tubs, the wahsbacks and the spirit safe. I even walk into the store to see how it goes there to add: I love everything closely watched.

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