Caol Ila

Caol Ila ™ is the Celtic name for the Sound of Islay, the inlet that separates the islands of Jura and Islay on one of the most remote and beautiful places along the west coast of Scotland.
The distillery is on the banks of the estuary. This site was chosen in 1846 because of the clean water from Loch Nam Ban, which is still the main source.

Also, you can still see seals in the Sound swim. From the boiler house When you taste these enticing, easy-drinking malt, you know you're on Islay, but perhaps not exactly true. Michael Jackson, the famous whiskey writer, emphasizes the smooth olive-like branding and Caol Ila ™ calls "a wonderful aperitif." Smell it in the glass. The smoky, sieve Refreshing aromas evoke images in the recent past, when fishing and peat stabbing were the professions of choice in this part of Scotland.

Nowadays there are very few peat cutters on the island, but the old traditions are kept alive by the professional staff at the distillery and the ingredients used. For Caol Ila ™ Caol Ila ™ has been a long time for many uncharted territory. The recent and legitimate growing popularity has led to the emergence of three new expressions in 2002 According to Dave Broom -. Whiskey expert and writer - this Islay malt "fantastically balanced, with wheat beer / clove and wet grass / delicately salted fish."

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