The Bladnoch Distillery is closed until further notice. Admission is sealed, because the owner, a company from Northern Ireland, has gone bankrupt. There is currently looking for a new owner who can save the distillery, located near Wigtown by taking it over.

The company, with fewer than 10 employees, has a history of almost 200 years and it is hoped that a buyer sign, so one can keep the company going.

Over the past 20 years, the distillery was run by Raymond Armstrong, a businessman with a passion for whiskey.
He mocked the 'moth balls tent "in 1994, during a vacation in Galloway, and bought the then United Distillers, which closed a year earlier.

Armstrong spent six years working on the restoration of the distillery and the production of its characteristic Bladnoch Lowland malt and reopened the case in 2000. Today, the distillery is also a popular tourist attraction with a visitor's center and tours.

Source: Whiskyetc.

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