Aberlour, the heart of Speyside

The name is derived from the Aberlour Celtic and means "Mouth of the chattering burn." The 'Lour' springs of Ben Rinnes flows right past the distillery, to just continue to flow into the River Spey out. It was in 1879 that James Fleming at this location had built the distillery to St Drostan's Well, which he always had access to the invaluable source of pure spring water. The source is named after an Irish monk who used the water around 650 AD for the baptism of the local population.

In 1898 the distillery, some buildings and stocks of whiskey were destroyed by fire but immediately afterwards built under the supervision of Charles Doig, the most prominent 'distillery designer' again. During a large-scale rebuilding of the distillery in 1973, discovered a bottle of whiskey comes from the early days of the distillery. But alas ..... the bottle was empty.

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