The BenRiach Distillery is located in the 'Heart of Speyside', between the village of Rothes and the town of Elgin, in the North-East of Scotland. They Spey Valley, in-which the BenRiach Distillery was built by John Duff in 1898, is home to many of Scotland's great whiskeys, but BenRiach Has its own uniqueness borne from the Particular methods and skills of the people who craft the whiskey, the ingredients They use, the distinctive copper stills and the high quality barrels selected for maturation.

And, BenRiach boasts one Further difference - standing separate from the other Spey Valley distilleries, the traditional floor Maltings withtheir distinctive pagoda style chimneys can produce peated, malted barley, enabling the distillery to capture the defining taste of peat reek in a few of Their special bottlings.

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